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Enterprise-level solution

If you require an in-house CMS solution, and your web development budget is not an issue, then this is the solution for you.  From start to finish the development and installation processes take approximately two weeks.  If time is an issue, these processes can be rushed and completed in as little as 24 hours.
We do not list pricing for many reasons.  First and foremost, we prefer to be contacted only by those who are truly interested in what we have to offer.  Secondly, it keeps our competition guessing, allowing us to genuinely offer competitive prices.


The first step is easy, simply reach out and contact a dedicated sales associate to let us know you are interested in purchasing an instance of Site Life.  At this point any questions can be answered, and if everything checks out an installation date can be set.

Development & Install

The actual installation is included with the license.  We have this part down to a science... design, custom development - we have the technology, experience, and skills to fulfill even the most specialized needs.


After the Site Life is installed and tested we provide on-site training.  Training typically takes about two hours.  Once training is complete off-site training is provided via phone and email.


After all content is entered, formatted, and optimized, the final project is launched.  At this point Site Life goes to work recording traffic and optimizing content.

*Requirements: A web server is required to support Site Life.  If necessary, this hardware can be obtained and installed along with the license.
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