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Automatic search engine optimization is what makes Site Life so unique.  No other content management system (CMS) currently performs proactive optimization. Site Life is not just a web design company that can rank you high on Google. When using Site Life, administrators can develop new marketing strategies, such as where to advertise (Physical Location), who to advertise to (Search Keywords), and what to advertise (Page Views), just to name a few.

Most comprehensive SEO Tools provide detailed statistical data in the form of charts and graphs. Unfortunately, the average internet user does not understand how to effectively use this data, completely defeating its primary purpose.  As a result, Site Life was designed to provide information that is easy to understand, such as graphs without numbers, and colors to represent positive and negative results.
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Statistical data is broken up into six subcategories:
  • Live Stats (Heartbeat Monitor) - The Website Heartbeat Monitor is unlike any statistical optimization tool, as it provides live statistical website data in the form of a heartbeat monitor.  This monitor details visitor movement across a website, changing color as traffic fluctuates.  The Heartbeat Monitor can be utilized to justify the effectiveness of an advertisement, such as a television commercial. 
  • Traffic Sources - Lets you know where people are finding your site from. Whether it be through another site, or search engine.
  • Physical Location - Displays the geographic location on a map from which each visitor comes from.
  • Unique Visitors - Addresses individual first-time-visitors who have accessed your website.
  • Page Statistics - Displays statistics of how many visitors and how long visitors spend a a certain page.
  • Search Keywords - Lists the TOP 200 search keywords/terms that were used to find your website. If you  incorporate these words into your content correctly, your site will see much more traffic.

Site Life not only interprets statistical data for the client, but also actively analyzes the data using website content, target keywords, and keywords visitors are using to find the website.  This empowers the client with ability to continuously refine and improve website content.  Integrating analytics into the foundation of the CMS allows Site Life to obtain detailed statistical data from visitors, users (registered visitors), products, and advertisements.  There are endless ways to interpret and use this information.

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