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Improve your internet marketing from the luxury of your own website.

As the internet continues to increase in size and complexity, more than half of all internet users are now relying on search engines to find what they are looking for.  Needless to say, with all of the world’s knowledge in one place these resources are now saturated with data.  While the primary purpose of a website remains to reach a designated (target) audience, it is now more difficult than ever to succeed without investing in advertising.  Site Life Marketing System solves this problem by combining content management and search engine optimization (SEO) into a simple, solitary interface.  By interpreting statistical website data, and using proven techniques to automatically optimize content for search engines, users can reach their target market without investing in advertising.

CMS + SEO Tool = Automatic Search Engine Optimization

Effective Search Engine Optimization

There are countless SEO Tools available across the internet that record, track, calculate, and compare visitor statistics, all in an effort to help the website administrator optimize content for search engines.  The few tools that actually work are able to provide invaluable data about website visitors.  At best, this information can be used to increase online sales or at the very least, attract more visitors to a website.  Either way, every SEO Tool has one huge drawback - The information produced requires human intervention.  Site Life circumvents this disadvantage by using this data to automatically modify the content on a website.  This form of proactive optimization only requires the administrator to input content once when the website is initially launched.  Search engine traffic will continue to increase, even if the administrator never modifies the website again.

Site Life Marketing System Features

Content Management System

Providing control, administrators have the ability to add/modify pages, content, images, videos, events, maps, forms, and more. Included with this component is a proprietary form builder which rivals that of popular form generation applications.


Automatic search engine optimization is what makes Site Life so unique. No other content management system (CMS) currently performs proactive optimization. Using Site Life, administrators can develop new marketing strategies such as where to advertise (Physical Location), who to advertise to (Search Keywords), and what to advertise (Page Views), just to name a few.

User Management

User management control gathers statistical information about site visitors. This includes the ability to customize the registration form to collect any information about visitors that the administrator requires.


Utilizing our proprietary e-commerce system, administrators can instantly add/modify products to sell on their website. Product details include images, content and customizable price calculators. The e-commerce system includes inventory management, shipping calculators, and automatic SEO to proactively market products for search engines.


Statistical website data is automatically formatted and made available to help attract potential advertisers. Registered visitors may upload advertisements for the administrator to approve. Advertisers are billed directly from Site Life. Revenue generated by this component is mostly automated, requiring minimal intervention from the administrator.